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16.09.2014 - 36" Monsterbike is back!

It is back again - the big brother of the Minibike, the 36" Monsterbike!

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Mini-Tandem-Bike is back!

29.07.2014 - Mini-Tandem-Bike is back!

The Mini-Tandem-Bike ist back!

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Unicycle backpacks

29.04.2014 - Unicycle backpacks

Unicycle backpacks are now available - for 20" and 24"/26"

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QU-AX goes 650B

03.04.2014 - QU-AX goes 650B

Als erster Einradhersteller, stellt QU-AX erste Modelle auf 650B um!

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New: Pogo-Stick for adults

12.03.2014 - New: Pogo-Stick for adults

A Pogo-Stick for adults is finally available again...

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Nürnberg Toy Fair 2014

16.01.2014 - Nürnberg Toy Fair 2014

Visit us at Toyfair in Nürnberg

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202g! QX-series Black Beauty Pedals

02.12.2013 - 202g! QX-series Black Beauty Pedals

Incredibly light, thin, robust. The new QX-series "Black Beauty" sets a new benchmark...

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QU-AX protection gear

07.11.2013 - QU-AX protection gear

QU-AX knee-, ellbow and ankleguards available

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(Video) Salzkammergut retrospection

09.10.2013 - (Video) Salzkammergut retrospection

A 2min clip with nice impressions from Salzkammergut uni-downhill 2013

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(Video) Why unicycling?

18.09.2013 - (Video) Why unicycling?

Andrew, one of our Australian dealers tells us what he likes about unicycling.

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